Thursday, September 16, 2004

During our first days here, the house could practically be likened to a person who was just purely skeleton and skin. The green insulation board on the walls of our house, plus the typar plywood facing the outside were all that separated the inside from the outside. Quite unluckily, the moment we got here, the weather shifted from very hot (summer) to one of very verrrrrry (brrrrrr?) cold one (start of fall).
This photo shows the master bedroom at that time, with a makeshift bed that Gary built, and we used inflatable mattress which we borrowed from my in-laws.

This shows the same room after I have installed the fiberglass insulation on top of the green insulation boards.

Adjacent to the walk-in closet was the master bathroom. This was taken sometime in September. The fiberglass shower room here was already an improvement from the makeshift one that Gary made out of plywood, and where I first would wash the dishes. The toilet first installed here was too short, so we opted for the taller one (easier for the oldies to get up from). I was the one who chose to have a pedestal type of lavatory. All the plumbing and the electrical/telephone/computer network lines are being installed by Gary incrementally according to the area he is currently working on.

The triangular jacuzzi, our source of pleasure and luxury from time to time, is placed at the corner against the would-be wall. In this photo the network hub of the computer is also seen as rectangular black thing near the speaker (we like music from Gary's computer when taking a bath) and the colored things on the window sill are the scented candles for adding romance....

My workstation beside the bed. Gary builds all of our computers and, when finances permit, upgrades them, along with the scanners and printers (at least him and I have our own).

Since we used the living room as a storage room for the flooring and for the staging which Gary used to reach the ceiling when he put the insulation and the plastic sheeting, we had to move the couch and the TV to our bedroom. Here the bedroom door is not yet in place...

Then sometime in January we finally had a door!!!! (hurray!) and the sheetrock on the walls, so finally, we had privacy (though sounds are quite easily heard from the outside so we always gotta be careful... Posted by Hello