Sunday, January 09, 2005

This part here somewhat shows the layers of the walls and the ceilings from outside inward:

(1) plywood
(2) green insulation board
(3) fiberglass insulation , attached to rafters and joists (wood bars that serve as support)
(4) plastic sheeting
(5) green insulation board (again, for the ceiling)
(6) sheetrock

The sheetrock serves as the inner wall. These are thick slabs of white and compact cement-like
chalk-like wall, attached to the supporting bars (joists and rafters). The blue lines there are the joint tapes, placed where sheetrocks meet, to cover the seams, and on which mud will be applied to fill in the spaces and sort of erase the seams to make it look like a continuous wall. The mud is allowed to dry for a day then sanded to make it smoother. Then another layer of mud is applied and dried and sanded for final smoothing, before the walls are painted finally. The joints at the corners will be covered later by trimmings (?) - bars of nice-looking smooth wood to hide where the paint ends. You can see more of the process of mudding and taping then painting on the second part of this blog here:Posted by Hello


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